Ingress Hacks, How to Use Vine: Tech 411 with Todd Moore, Ant Pruitt Guests — It’s Tech 411 with our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana — the latest episode of the excellent short-form show typically centered around Apple iOS development and other Apple news. But this week, our Android guru Ant Pruitt joins the guys to spice up the conversation with Google Android geek chat. Android ROM rooting, Ingress hacks, Google + — in addition to the week’s best apps — are topics this week. Also, how to use Vine on Apple iOS? Find out here. Give it a listen.

Oscar Santana raves about the Apple iOS app  version of Twitter Vine . He talks about how to use Vine with great steps you need to create a  a six second stop-motion video in that new app, now rated 17 and over due to a porn controversy.  Twitter Vine  hasn’t lost any popularity as a result of that issue. In fact, it’s going crazy.

Also this week, the guys talk about how Android and Apple iOS compare geekwise. Android meets Apple on the show this week on Tech 411 with our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana. As always, it’s syndicated here on

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Update: According to a new study by the folks at ABI Research, 800 million Android smartphones will be in use by December 2013, outmatching the 300 million Apple iPhones expected to be active by then. The study says there will be 1.4 billion smartphones total by the end of the year — only 45 million will be running Windows Phone.

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  • horst

    Great show!

    • Ant Pruitt

      It was a lot of fun being on this show with Todd and Oscar!

      Thanks for listening, horst.

      -RAP, II

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