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Apple iOS 7, Facebook Graph Search, Personal Audio LLC Patent Dispute: Tech 411

Do you have a wishlist for Apple iOS 7? Todd Moore and Oscar Santana on this week’s Tech 411 say what they hope for. Also on the show, Facebook Graph Search thoughts and what Personal Audio LLC and its patent suits against Adam Carolla means to podcasters.. — It’s time for Tech 411. What do you want for the Apple iOS 7 release? Our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana pore over an Apple iOS 7 wishlist they found at Arstechnica. Here’s what they think really should be on it.

Update: Who is Personal Audio LLC?

Also in the news, a firm called Personal Audio, LLC has filed a patent dispute against comedian Adam Carolla and HowStuffWorks — at issue is a playlist feature in podcasts.

Is this patent trolling? And what does this mean to other podcasters? Trouble, that’s what. It already has won $8 million from Apple in an infringement case relating to two audio patents it holds.

Apple iOS 7 views, podcast legal issues and, as ever, the weekly app picks are on this week’s Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana. Get more details at Todd’s site —

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