Apple iOS 7, Facebook Graph Search, Personal Audio LLC Patent Dispute: Tech 411 – It’s time for Tech 411. What do you want for the Apple iOS 7 release? Our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana pore over an Apple iOS 7 wishlist they found at Arstechnica. Here’s what they think really should be on it.

Update: Who is Personal Audio LLC?

Also in the news, a firm called Personal Audio, LLC has filed a patent dispute against comedian Adam Carolla and HowStuffWorks — at issue is a playlist feature in podcasts.

Is this patent trolling? And what does this mean to other podcasters? Trouble, that’s what. It already has won $8 million from Apple in an infringement case relating to two audio patents it holds.

Apple iOS 7 views, podcast legal issues and, as ever, the weekly app picks are on this week’s Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana. Get more details at Todd’s site —

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