Flatbooks Authors On Air: Trey Ratcliff’s Variety Hour — This week Trey Ratcliff hosts authors who create Flatbooks. Photogs Justin Balog, Paul Roustan, Christa Laser, Joseph Linaschke, Troy Paiva and Karen Hutton join Trey to explain their respective love affairs with the tech  on Trey’s Variety Hour. It’s all about Flatbooks — and it provides great tips and tricks. If you’re a fan, this is the variety show to watch this week here at It’s our Trey Ratcliff hosting his eponymous Trey’s Variety Hour — syndicated here at what Trey dubbed the “smart and beautiful site” we call That brainstorm came over a pool game we played — and cleaned up on — in San Francisco.

Love Trey. Check out tons of more Trey Ratcliff material via his site, stuckIncustoms.

Host: Trey Ratcliff

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