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Written by Dan Patterson

In late January 2013 KoPoint will launch a series series of eBooks. The first, The Minecraft Book, is a great resource by expert Minecraft fans that will help enhance both your skill and appreciation of this great game. — Our rocking partner will launch a series series of eBooks later this month. The first, The Minecraft Book, evolved from an early KoPoint podcast about that most addictive game Minecraft.

Part 1 of 3: Here’s where co-authors — our Dan Patterson and W. Doc Stodden — catch you up on the state of the project, and tell how the KoPoint Minecraft Project evolved from a podcast and Google+ hangout to become The Minecraft Book.

Note: This episode was originally recorded as a Google+ video Hangout.

The Minecraft Book is an accessible and fun 70-page guide for players of Minecraft. The Minecraft Book was written and edited by W. Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson, and will be available in mid-January from KoPoint.

Though the book is written with new players in mind, we hope our guide can be a resource for all players.

The Minecraft Book will soon be available through our own website in  late-January 2013, as well as through Amazon, Google Play, the Nook Store, and Apple’s iBooks. The book costs $1. If you’re looking to enhance both your skill and appreciation of this great game, the Minecraft Book is a great resource by super Minecraft fans and heartily recommended by Let us know what you think.

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