Detroit Auto Show 2013: Car of the Future infographic, Self Driving Cars and More – Check out this car of the future infographic. By 2040, it predicts self driving cars — autonomous vehicles — will be the typical vehicles on the road by 2040. Courtesy Lab54. For more information, email

This is a timely infographic given that the hot, hot, hot Detroit Auto Show 2013 kicked off this week in Detroit. Did you see the official photos or video unveiling of the new Corvette C7 Stingray yet? Hot. We’re covering the show — its daily schedule — and collecting the best videos for all you car geeks.

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  • hendog

    Great infographic!

  • Mike Bauer

    I don’t believe they will be prevalent or typical by 2040. There are other more reasonable approaches that make more sense.

    – there are currently 260 million vehicles in the US. Annual sales are
    trending towards 15 M units annually or greater. Add the normal service
    life of 11+ years and scrape of 2M units annually we can forecast a
    huge population of vehicles that lack the technical capabilities to be
    retrofitted to be autonomous

    A more reasonable approach is to use
    existing sensor technology built within a smart device or easily added
    to smart devices as well as inexpensive upgrades to traffic control
    infrastructure and you have a traffic streamlining and additional safety
    capability within 5-7 years.

    Of course the graphic leaves out
    any reference to security and privacy concerns as well as the compute/network
    architecture to analyze the traffic patterns, routing, etc.?

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