Amazon Santa App for Android: Santa, Baby, Bring Me a Toy

While I listened to an episode of Attack of the Androids recently, our +Shane Brady suggested the Amazon Santa app for Android.

He calls the Amazon Santa app an easy free way to manage the gift requests and wishes kids barrage you with for the holidays. So I took a look. And I decided I’ve been really good this year. And so has Amazon. Love this app. Here’s why.

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I have three boys — I call them the#hardheadz on my social stream. And for the last week I’ve been getting a list for Santa that should scare him.

These little guys are serious about their messages for Santa. This app, from Amazon, gives us all a bit of peace on my piece of Earth this holiday season.

First, the app allows for multiple wish lists. Great if you have more than one kid. It lets you customize lists for each kid, too, and each gets a canned avatar. To search, just browse among the countless Amazon service and store categories or type what you’re looking for in the search box. Of course, because you install the app via the Amazon App Store, it’s tied right into your account.

Some kids know exactly what they want for their Christmas holiday gift. At least mine do. So they liked the faster search box method to get their results. You’ll get the typical Amazon suggestions for similar items — be careful out there. When you’re done, just submit your selection — that sends the list to the jolly old elf himself.

Once Santa’s got the list, you just log into your Amazon account to see the wish lists, pricing, descriptions, ratings, everything you need to buy. Ready to help Santa and buy that Lego Deathstar or whatever? Add it to the shopping character and you’re there.

Find the free app, available free in the Amazon App Store. Let me know what you think. For, I’m Ant Pruitt.

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  • gina

    Nice recommendation! Hide this from the kids in my house, please.

  • Guest

    These dadgum lists have continued to grow! #hardheadz

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