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Infomania: 2012

2012 in Review Infographic: The Tech Year in Living Color

We leave you in the final hours of 2012 with the infographic to end all infographics — the year 2012 at a glance in living color. Top videos? Top tweets? Top scandals of 2012? It’s all here in this infographic, fact checking the year 2012. It’s the 2012 In Review infographic. Courtesy: DailyInfographic and infomania.¬†Amazing. […]

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Tech Tools to Track Santa

Our Julie Blaustein put together this great roundup of all the tech tools you can use to track Santa’s trip from the North Pole. Thanks to NORAD and Bing for bringing this service to loyal Santa followers.

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Countdown: One Day Until the End of the World infographic

Well, there’s just one more day until December 21, 2012 — that’s the date for the end of the world as ancient Mayan calendars have it. We have folks around the world going nuts. Predictably. And, just as predictably, we have artists producing infographics galore. We’ve been posting them here at for the last […]

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