Google Drive File Transfers, Windows 8 Sales: Tech 411 with Todd Moore

Todd Moore and Oscar Santana take a good look at Google Drive’s new ability to handle large files, the adoption of Windows 8 and what its high sales numbers mean on Tech 411

It’s Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana.

This week the guys look at how share large files over Gmail with Google Drive integration. Windows 8 is selling much more compared to its previous versions. Have you switched to Windows 8? Todd doesn’t think the upgrade has many benefits.  This and app picks are all on this week’s show …

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Todd Moore

Based in Washington DC, Todd Moore is a senior editor He also was a member of teamBYTE, that editorial team of 70 editors and techpros who relaunched the BYTE property for UBM this summer. The developer of the popular White Noise mobile app, Todd Moore also hosts the popular Tech 411 podcast. Follow him @toddmoore or email him at