Richard Hay: Propaganda Tech Posters from Aaron Wood (gallery)

Aaron Wood designs giftwrap by day and explores his own artistic visions by night by creating propaganda-style posters for social media.

Check out his posters and you’ll see that Aaron has clearly studied the iconography of WWII propaganda posters.  This jumps out at you when you look at his gallery of offerings at his Etsy site. Here are some fine examples of his faux propaganda posters.

Facebook (Join the Cause! Your friends’ farms need you!)

Pinterest (Your Mission: Pin all the Things!)

Apple Technology (Sophisticated Perfection)

Twitter (As long as you tweet, we cannot fail)

Google+ (+1)

Aaron has many other posters that are art deco and znd address other topics other than tech propaganda poster-themed.  He also addresses iconic games. My favorite is his homage to Zork that refers to the danger of being eaten by a fictional “grue” when the lights go out.

Zork (Don’t meet a Gruesome fate! Always carry a light source!)

I contacted Aaron Wood and spoke to him about his art. He told me he truly feels inspired by social media and how it is affecting the world. And he’s taken the opportunity to reach masses with a cool idea — the creation of parody posters revealing the aggressive competition between mega tech companies as source material for artistic license in his creations, which are going viral.

For, I’m +Richard Hay.

Disclosure: Richard Hay is our science and culture editor here at He also has a day job as an engineer at Google. Richard’s stories do not reflect the opinion of Google and, per our ethics policy, he doesn’t cover Google, a company from which he directly profits, although a Google+ tech propaganda poster is in fact included in this article. Ed.

I hope you enjoy Aaron’s work.  I certainly have.

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  • hendog

    This is just TOO funny. Great job, Richard, and remarkable stuff from Aaron Wood. Wow.

  • Carolyn Ritchie

    Wonderful Art Work !!!

  • Aaron Wood

    Thank you for this great write up on my work, Richard! :D

  • Robert Knight

    Awesome posters.

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