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SF AppShow 2012: Glaze

Joy Ma
Written by Joy Ma

If you have great photos and haven’t had time to paint, Glaze turns your shots into even more beautiful, high-quality, painterly works of art. Created for Apple iOS, Glaze works easily on your iPhone or iPad with a few, quick clicks.

Our Julie Blaustein reviewed Glaze on her iPhone and loved it.

Founders Daniel E. Wexler and Giles Dezeustre worked in the R&D group at PDI/DreamWorks.

Daniel E. Wexler wrote the renderer at PDI/DreamWorks used on commercials and films including Batman & Robin, The Arrival, Antz and the Academy Award winning Shrek and sequels. Most recently Daniel worked with the Developer Technology group championing the developer perspective in the design process for future chip architectures. After a sabbatical, he co-founded The 11ers with Giles to develop professional mobile tools for artists.

Gilles is the author of fundamental modules of PDI|Dreamworks Animation proprietary rigging and animation software, including low level libraries, scripting commands and full featured interactive applications. Animated characters in Antz, Shrek (1,2, 3), Madgascar (1 and 2), Over the Hedge, Kung Fu Panda were rigged and animated using his toolset.

Glaze is available in the iTunes store.

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