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Apple iPhone 5 Purple Flare, Angry Birds Star Wars Preview Vid: Tech 411

That purple flare on the Apple iPhone 5 has Todd Moore and Oscar Santana talking. It’s this week’s Tech 411. Also this week, analysis on the SpaceX launch, Angry Birds Star Wars Nov. 8 release and, as always, the guys have their recommended apps of the week. Take a listen. It’s Tech 411. Click in to see a preview of Angry Birds Star Wars …

Todd Moore and Oscar Santana take on the Space X launch and discuss what is up with that purple flare you see on pics taken with the Apple iPhone 5. Have you experienced the purple flare effect on your Apple iPhone? Oscar has. Even Apple admits this bug now. Apple says customers need to aim away from the sun …

Our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana also take a look at the decline of Zynga, Angry Birds the Star Wars edition and, as always, apps of the week. It’s Tech 411.

Check out Rovio’s preview of Angry Birds Star Wars, below.

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