Steve Jobs Tribute: One Too Many Mornings, Bob Dylan

Today¬† won’t join in the frenzied coverage surrounding the passing of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. That was one year ago today, October 5, 2011.

Steve Wozniak, in interviews for the iWOZ (Norton, 2006) Wozniak memoir we cowrote, once told me Bob Dylan was Jobs’ favorite musician. As I recall, this piece below — “One Too Many Mornings” — was top among his favorite Dylan songs. Life is for the living, Jobs believed, in line with his Buddhist beliefs. Our staff here at remembers him with music — his other religion.

I love this live show with young poetic Dylan at the top of his game — just as Steve Jobs was beginning his adventure teaming up with his boyhood friend, engineer Steve Wozniak, who had invented the first true personal computer, in 1974. That was the Apple I.

It’s been one too many mornings since those days, too.

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