Apple iPhone Gold: Bling Your Own Device

If you weren’t dazzled by most of the 200 improvements in Apple iOS 6 — see my piece on what to do before your users upgrade so they can downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 if they need to — this should cheer you up.

It’s an iPhone 5 plated in 24 carat gold by Gold & Co. of London. Talk about dazzled.

For users  who have complained that the new Apple iPhone 5 is too light and too thin, the gold plating does add a bit of weight to the device.

It also makes your wallet lighter.

According to T3, the Gold & Co. of London phone sells for $4,599.

Now we were trying to figure out an AT&T payment plan that would scale for the gold plated phone or tablet. Rumor has it — I started the rumor, actually — that AT&T is selling it without a contract for $4,599 — or for $99 with a two year contract of $996 a month and a $2,000 early termination fee.

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