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tech now with gina smith on velvin hogan samsung apple verdict

Samsung, Apple, Velvin Hogan: TechNow with Gina Smith 28.08.12

Who is Vel Hogan? It’s a bit of a mystery. The jury foreman in the Apple v Samsung trial says is a 30-year vet engineer in San Jose, CA for tiny MultiCast labs, owned by him and his wife and funded by his own capital group. His LinkedIn profile implies he worked for Intel. He […]

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power-to-the-online-people infographic 600

Crowdsourcing AIDS, Politics: Power to the Online People infographic

Power to the Online People infographic. Whoa! Thanks to the sheer numbers of world citizens online now, gamers solved a thorny AIDs research problem … what else is possible in the virtual continent of the Internet, which is bigger than the populations of North America, Central America and the Middle East combined? Amazing.

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aug27 internet tax

FCC Proposed Internet Tax: TechNow with Gina Smith 27.08.12

TechNow with Gina Smith for Monday, August 27, 2012 — 90 seconds of tech analysis. On the docket today: Would you pay a buck or two extra for broadband net access to subsidize more infrastructure. The FCC thinks so — and such companies as Google and AT&T support the idea wholeheartedly. Could this pass before […]

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