Pinterest for iOS, Android: First Look, Commentary

Pinterest, now available for Apple iOS and Google Android, holds some pleasant surprises for our Ant Pruitt. Check out his review.

The pop social sensation Pinterest, now is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. It’s about time. And I took a look.

Pinterest allows users to easily share images and videos onto boards for others to see. Pinterest is a lot like a virtual scrapbook. With its available mobile apps now, so-called Pinterest pinners will be able to grow and share their boards from a variety of devices including, now, Apple and Google Android based ones.

The Pinterest mobile app offers similar flexibility to the Web version. If a user is proud of his sprouting basil plant, he can take a quick snapshot. It’s easy — as easy as sharing the image to Twitter or Facebook. The image below displays how I share from my DroidX

The app does a great job of employing the same functionality you find on its online site. The mobile UI allows for adding titles, selecting Pinterest boards for twinning and the sharing of the new pin to Facebook or Twitter. It’s like Pin-It bookmarking in a browser. NOthing to it.

A great decision from Pinterest: Its mobile app looks just great — even on a tablet. Here’s  a shot of my tablet displaying more Pinterest boards.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the app replaces the regular Web-based Pinterest service. It is more a simulation. For example, with regular Pinterest, you can open a browser on your mobile device, click your sharing command and begin pinning the images and videos found on the web site to your board or boards But pinning directly from your mobile device’s library only allows you to pin photographs. And it’s not yet possible to pin .3gp, .mp4 and other video files.

If you’re a serious Pinterest-er with a comment on the mobile app, email me at I’m Anthony Pruitt for aNewDomain.

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