Meet Erik Vlietinck: Senior Contributor at

Based in United Kingdom, Holland, France and Belgium, Erik Vlietinck is the publisher of the IT Enquirer, a pan-European online publication covering multimedia content production. He’s also our EU correspondent here at

He also regularly creates online textual and video content for websites of companies across Europe and writes for Photoshop User. Erik has been a freelance writer for over a dozen IT-magazines in Great-Britain, Holland and Belgium.

Erik has written product reports on editorial systems, superwide format UV-curing inkjets, Postscript RIPs  and DAM systems. From 1998 to 2004 Erik wrote the Administrator Guides for DMPartners’ linguistic search engine for publishers and WoodWing Software’s Enterprise 7 cross-media publishing system.

Up to 1990, Erik served as a solicitor at the Antwerp Bar Association and a lecturer at Vlekho, a university located in Brussels, where he bored post-graduate students with IT contracts law. Email him at

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