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Google Chrome Extension: Cloud Save Freeware

Everyone in my geek circle uses Google Chrome or Firefox. Rarely do I hear of people using Internet Explorer. I love Google Chrome’s look, feel, functionality and extension variety.  Then I discovered Cloud Save. Chrome users can with cloud storage accounts such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, or Box easily upload items found on web pages […]

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Ten Things Not to Say at an IT Meeting

Here are 10 things you can never say at an IT meeting — or shouldn’t, anyway. 1. Wow, I just had the most amazing dream!” Dreaming is a part of any career, but there is no excusing dozing during meetings. It’s pretty frightening after an accidental catnap. When you wake up you don’t know who […]

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Microsoft Roadmap Leak Confirmed: AR, MS TV, XBOX 720 4-Year Plan

Imagine how the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 tablet, future MS smartphones from based on the OS or even just the Nokia Lumia potentially fitting into the following leaked Xbox, MS TV, MS augmented reality glasses and Xbox 720 ecosystem roadmap our editors obtained from a source close to Microsoft. Look at it. A no brainer.

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