WWDC 2012: The Guide

Welcome to San Francisco, developers. WWDC 2012 registration starts Sunday, June 10, 2012. Here’s Apple’s guide to it. And here’s a guide to some fun things to do in San Francisco while you’re here.

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Didn’t get tickets?  Aw. It’s sold out. But all is not lost. Read below to find out how to register to be an Apple developer for $99 and get access to everything that’s going to be going on — now. 

Here’s a link to the conference schedule.  To register as an Apple developer, just head to the Apple WWDC 2012 site. You’ll get a five-digit number to confirm your status, which will let you get the conference app at the moment but, even though tickets are sold out, it’s easy to register as an Apple developer iOS developer status costs $99. Do that here.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks (WWDC 2012) off this coming week in San Francisco — are you going to be there for the new Macbook Air and other portable systems releases? You heard it here first from our Sid Shadow gossip columnist in February — the retina display of the Apple iPad and iPhone 4S is coming to both, and optical discs are dead as dinosaurs. A piece this morning in suggested the same.

FT.TW wrote:

Taiwanese high-tech industry analysts said the New MacBook could be even lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro now on the market. The New MacBook line may include a 13-inch entry level model priced at around US$1,200, with options for either a solid-state drive or hard disk drive, the analysts said. Moreover, they added, the New MacBook series will be equipped with the highly advanced Retina Display feature and longer battery life than Apple’s current laptop lines. Local media reports also said Saturday that Taiwan-based electronics assembler Quanta Computer Inc. has arranged a work schedule that would ensure delivery …

Expect lots of news apps, new Siri improvements, a sneak peak at future desktop OS X capabilities and more on iOS 6. Brian Papa and Pablo Quinteros of the Big Apple App Show — a KoPoint production — will be there to capture the action and our senior photojournalist Julie Blaustein will be pounding the party scene.

Click here to get the schedule of event for WWDC, to begin June 11 at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco. Apple advises, also, that you study up before checking on Sunday. Here are links for:

And while you’re here, don’t forget to have fun. Check out some of the cool jazz clubs in the Fillmore. The music scene is great here.  Here are lots of non-WWDC 2012 related things to do in San Francisco.

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  • RobertBigelow

    I heartily concur in calling for a USB Ethernet adapter with a MacBook Air. “Hard-wired” is SO much more reliable than WiFi. I recently switched from WiFi to Ethernet-only in my studio, and I have an Ethernet switch so guests can have Internet access by connecting directly to the one of the hubs on the device. 

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