SF AppShow 2012: Like You Were There by Julie Blaustein

Photo Credits: Julie Blaustein

Alexa Miller joined the show via Facetime — from St. Louis, Missouri. She really needed funding for the Japanese version of his homespun app that’s really selling well in Japan. A developer in the audience offered to do her Kanjii version — for free. Aw.

The edit crew at SF AppShow 2012, which we helped sponsor. Thanks to Seth and the great gang at the the @SFAppShow. Great event. From left, Editor In Chief & SF AppShow Host Gina Smith, SF AppShow exec producer Seth Socolow, our Andrew Salop, SeniorAND photojournalist Julie Blaustein, Exec Ed Joy Ma, Art Chief Jonathan Hoffberg.


Before the show kicks off, these birds aren’t making anybody angry.

When you’re onstage, you think everyone is looking at you. Now, looking at this, I see everyone is just tweeting and texting. Hopefully about the SFAppsShow, LOL!

SocialNav Ceo Daniel Pifko showed off Ultimate Drive for BMW — quite the driving experience app for BMW roadster enthusiasts.

That’s Elliot Goldwater at the double-entrepreneur super startup GiddyUp, bringing together locals for on the fly, informal events — without all the hooha of eVite. Me at right, per usual.

Fergus Hurley is an SF AppShow alum. A small startup with a hot app last year at the show, Fergus’ app company (the app was Clixter) got acquired by Radium One.

Here’s Fergus and the gang celebrating their success — was the No. 1 app downloaded at the SF AppShow 2012.

Clement Tardy’s new revamp of his three-year-old Beat the Traffic app — available on practically every platform — now includes saving multiple live DOT cameras.

Randy Adams demos CrowdCall. It’s a new twist on an old technology — instead of getting a number and code to dial into, and passing it all about, Crowd.Call calls you. It’s free in 40 countries, too.  Adams is what you would call serial entrepreneur. In fact, he may have coined the term. He is credited with managing the team that invented Adobe Acrobat and the PDF. He is  one of the early investors of Yahoo — and he created what is arguably the first eCommerce web site, the Internet Shopping Network.


Seth Socolow runs the SF AppShow, which I’m lucky enough to host when it hits San Francisco a few times a year. He takes pics like this with all the girls.

Seth Socolow and his legions of fans …

Still newlyweds Time journalist Harry McCracken and PR maven Marie Domingo are SF AppShow guests. The picture of young Silicon Valley love.


This guest won a prize from a drawing — he is holding a DODCase for the iPad, a case made right here in San Francisco.

We sure hope you’ll be able to make one of the upcoming shows. Check it out.


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