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phoronix left 4 dead 2 running ubuntu anewdomain

Linux Goes Gaming: Valve and Steam Client Along for Ride

Well respected Linux Community member, writer, and coder Michael Larabel recently visited Valve Software and got a peak at Valve’s Linux development. Valve is focusing efforts on going native in the Linux environment with their Source Engine and ultimately the Steam Gaming Client service. This is big news for Linux fans and gamers alike.

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CISPA: Dan Patterson and Justin Duckham on CISPA, April 28

It’s The Report, a daily show on tech news and geek culture. In our third episode Dan Patterson interviews Talk Radio News congressional correspondent Justin Duckham about CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) what’s in the CISPA bill and how it works. Find out what it means to you.

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On Ikea HDTVs: John C. Dvorak X3

it’s our John C. Dvorak and the X3 crew. John C. Dvorak, Andrew Eisner and Joe Engo talk about that scandesign store Ikea and its plans to brand and sell its own HDTVs. John C. Dvorak X3. One topic, three pundits, two minutes. More or less.

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