The Big Red Button: Push To Add Drama (video)

What happens when you put a giant red button on a Belgian street corner — with a big sign that says: Push to add drama? Hilarity ensues.

This video was created by the Belgian channel TNT. Head to the TNT site relating to this to find out more.

Credit:Turner Benelux


  • Fred Lewis

    I laughed all the way through this!

  • Ant Pruitt

    i can’t stop laughing at this!

    -RAP, II

  • Eric Turner

    I thought they said there would be DRAMA….

  • L Lawliet

    hahahahahaha that was nice i want to be there xD hahaha

  • ED

    Those stupid people don’t know to run and to hide wth the gun fire?

  • vincent lopez

    Cut! That’s not drama! Its action! lol

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