Trey Ratcliff: Photo of the Day

Trey Ratcliff is in the San Francisco Bay area this week. He shot this beautiful photo on the Embarcadero. He calls it The Long Dock.

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff

He gets into some detail about the shot at, his photography site. He writes:

On one of my final nights in San Francisco, I walked out on the dock off the Embarcadero to see what I could see. There were nice views in every direction, and one of the best was looking straight back up the dock at the Transamerica building.

This wide-angle 14-24 lens is one of my favorites, but it does have one little problem that can also be an advantage. It takes whatever is in the center of the frame and makes it quite small. The opposite of that happens on the edges, where things get quite spread out. So, I did that little trick here to help the Transamerica building to seem a bit taller.

  • Gina Smith

    This is beautiful, Trey. Have fun in Monterey today! gs

  • Christopher Poirier

    Wow, amazing! Talent does not even begin to describe the awesome!

  • Ant Pruitt

    Such a sick photo. I mean that in the good way. ;)

    -RAP, II

  • Jeremy Lesniak

    Awesome! I feel like I’m there.

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