Apple, Samsung, Asus Tablet Trouble: John C. Dvorak X3

Our John C. Dvorak and co-hosts Andrew Eisner and tech pro Joseph Engo discuss a recent blow to Apple and other tablet news, including developments around the Apple vs. Samsung suit and disappointing sales of the Asus tablet. All is not well in the tablet market. It’s John C. Dvorak X3. One topic. Three pundits. Two minutes. More or less.


  • Carey Head

    My wife and I have 2 of the 3000 Asus Eee Transformers, and we absolutely love them. Not only does the keyboard allow you to type very naturally, but it also charges the tablet while docked, and has full-sized inputs for USB and SD. The Asus marketing department must have truly fallen down on this if they only moved 3000 units of this great product!

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