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Trey Ratcliff owns this image -- find this Waterfalls photo with all his stuff at

Trey Ratcliff: Photo of the Day April 30 2012 A Rock Cleaved

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff for StuckinCustoms It’s renowned travel photographer Trey Ratcliff’s photo of the day for April 30, 2012. Ah, how I envy him. This is shot in Iceland. At his photo a day site StuckInCommons he describes his photo, A Rock Cleaved: I need more waterfalls in my life! This is what I […]

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windows phone 7 2011 Microsoft official infographic

Windows Phone 7 (infographic)

First check out this from Microsoft. It’s an infographic — a commercial one — focusing just on Windows Phone 7. In a nearby post, I’ll put a Windows Phone 7 Mango versus Apple iOS versus RIM BlackBerry versus Android 4.0 comparison.

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