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Apple April 1 Anniversary: History of Apple (est. April 1 1976)

Here’s a shot of the Apple I. Apple inventor and co-founder Steve Wozniak invented this DIY computing kit circa 1975. Soon after, Wozniak, his boyhood friend, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and investor Ronald Wayne officially incorporated as Apple Computer Corp. on April 1, 1976 — thirty-seven years ago.

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Tech Travel Tips for Tablet, Ultrabook, Smartphone Road Warriors – Mobile devices haven’t killed the PC. It won’t happen for awhile — if it ever does. As a tech commentator, IT rep and all-around road warrior, I know what it takes to perform on the go. And that means more than the lightweight functionality my tablet and smartphone offer. Here’s a laundry list […]

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Invisible Mercedes: John C. Dvorak X3 (video of the week)

Odds are you’ve seen Mercedes’ invisible car video on YouTube. Here is our John C. Dvorak — and co-hosts Andrew Eisner and Joe Engo, as usual — and they go a step beyond. Here’s how Mercedes did it — as you’ll see in this John C. Dvorak X3 video of the week. Find it here […]

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