Photo of the Day: Trey Ratcliff’s First Nikon D800 Photo

World-renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff’s photo of the day is on StuckInCustoms and here at aNewDomain. First time out with his new Nikon D800, he tells me.

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff
“I’m going to start up my Nikon D800 Review page and fill it up over the next few weeks with my thoughts and samples from the camera,” says Ratcliff, writing on his blogpost at StuckInCustoms today. “I won’t really get the thing done for a while, but at least you’ll get some ideas of my thoughts and feedback on the camera.”

The venue: Severance Hall is Home of the Cleveland Orchestra. “It’s one of the most beautiful conference halls in the world,” says Trey. He took “a lot more shots, and I can talk more about this amazing place in the future.” Can’t wait.

Check out today’s StuckInCustoms to see more pics like these and a piece Trey wrote on the dying breed of third gen cameras.
We can’t wait. Beautiful stuff Trey.

  • Harrogate Wedding Photographer

    Looks awesome, but I can’t help but feel website images won’t really do that camera justice. It’s the hands on info I’m looking forward to!

  • Anthony Er

    Impressive, Clean and Great Colour Integrity.

    The D800 scored 95% for sensor performance (, which earns itself as having the best sensor analyzed on DxOMark.

    Looking forward to your extensive review.

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