April Fool’s Day 2012: Pranks and Stories

Updated. Just spotted this one. An easy one to pull on someone with a smartphone and PC.

April Fool’s day pranks — and tech pranks especially — abound

April Fools

Is there anything funnier than an April Fool’s prank on a co-worker? Not really. Co-workers have a different chemistry and camaraderie with one another versus life-long friends or family members. Then again, it’s pretty fun to pull one over on your boss. You didn’t hear that here.

Anyway, with pranksters, there’s almost a sense of competition on who can best the other. Whether it’s in production, management or even pranks. Granted, the prank shown was mild in comparison.

My two favorites include:

    *Hosting a bogus web page of a co-worker’s alma mater receiving sanctions that would vacate the football team’s wins and put them on probation.
    *The time one of my superiors took the week off from work. Each day he was away, everyone in the department pitched in by blowing balloons in their down time. By the time he returned, his office was full from floor to ceiling with balloons. He had to pop balloons just to get into the office and find his desk. We blew up balloons for a solid week. And with that said, those balloons truly did  pile up from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. It was priceless!

What are some of your favorite April Fool’s Day pranks and stories? Were you the joker or the joke? Leave us a comment with your name, a link to you, and which city and state you’re from. We at would like to hear your stories.

Image credit: Ant Pruitt

  • Gina Smith

    I do this every year. I download one of Microsoft’s freeware products — i think it’s another april fool’s story on the site — I install it. The next thing they know they are in Blue Screen of Death City. Till 11:59 p.m. HAWAII TIME : )LOL

  • Ant Pruitt

    I will be out of the office on Monday. I’m afraid of what I may find on Tuesday :-)

    -RAP, II

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