Meet Senior Contributor on the BizTech Beat, Carey Head

Gina Smith
Written by Gina Smith

Meet Carey Head, senior contributor and our newest tech pro staffer. He claims to bring order to chaos. Welcome, Carey.

Carey Head says he has been bringing order to the technology chaos for over 17 years. He’ll be doing that at, too. A tech pro on our all-star lineup, he is the newest addition to the team and will be focusing on biz-tech. Email him at

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Gina Smith

Gina Smith

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  • Ant Pruitt

    Cheers, Chead!

    Welcome to the team, bro’. So glad to have you with us at aND.

    -RAP, II

  • YAY! Glad to have you aboard Carey. Now we can have a staffer to blame for imaginative — edgy cutlines : )