Trey Ratcliff: On Pinterest Changes, Trey’s Variety Hour

Told you so. I’ve been saying that Pinterest has no interest in selling, reselling or otherwise profiting off your photos.  Yesterday the firm revised its Terms of Service to make that absolutely clear.

I talked to Pinterest CEO +Ben Silbermann. “Selling content was never our intention and we removed this from our updated terms,” he said on his blog — the same thing he told me on the phone.

I’m predisposed to support an open-and-sharing Internet — that’s how you drive traffic and interest, of course. Pinterest now amounts to more than 15 percent of all the traffic to my site, StuckInCustoms.

I’ll be covering Pinterest in detail on my show Monday — that’s Trey’s Variety Hour — heavy-hitter Pinterest user +Kalebra Kelby will be there with me. Maybe +Ben Silbermann will join, too. He’s a photographer like me.

Here is my Sky-Is-Not-Falling article about Pinterest I wrote a few weeks ago.

See you Monday night!

ED: Trey’s Variety Hour starts running at beginning Monday.  Welcome! Here’s his show from last week — his live Google+ Hangout — focusing on the Apple iPad and its effects on photography. Guests include Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Eric Kim, Victor Cajiao, Teresa Stover, RC Concepcion, and Steve Stanger. 

Disclosure: This site’s editorial director Gina Smith and TWiT chief Leo Laporte co-hosted a national talk show for six years during the 1990s and co-authored a book together. She has appeared a number of times on TWiT with Leo Laporte.



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