Trey Ratcliff: How to Use HDR To Improve Your Photos (video)

Part two of our series from photographer +Trey Ratcliff — here’s his tutorial on how to use HDR tech the easy way. “Friends don’t let friends use HDR on drugs,” he jokes in this cogent, plain English but still deep tech video tutorial. Here’s how to get the most out of HDR technology — widely available now in apps and built-in to the Apple iPhone 4S. Duration: 13:00

Part two of our series from +Trey Ratcliff, the renowned travel photographer — he posted a great How To video on the best way to upload albums and pics to Google + here at yesterday.

Today we’re featuring Trey’s 15-minute tutorial on using HDR tech to radically improve your photos. The video is great because you get to see so much of Trey’s travel shots. Follow Trey’s Stuck in Customs blog, his post a day album on Google + or check out his excellent  Trey’s Variety Hour vidcast, soon to be part of our family of aNewDomain syndicated podcasts and vidcasts. Welcome, Trey, to

There’s a longer HDR tutorial available here.

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Trey Ratcliff

Based in New Zealand, Trey Ratcliff is a renowned travel photographer and publisher of We feature his show -- Trey's Variety Hour -- and his photo of the day travel journal here at Follow Trey @TreyRatcliff. He's +Trey Ratcliff on Google+

  • If you want to try high dynamic range images, this “top 10” software packages review might be a good place to start:

    (They have other stuff on the site as well).

  • This is a great piece, Trey! And thanks for that link, Larry Press! You should post a photo to Ant’s smartphone snapshot shootout. I love to see stuff you shoot, too.