Infinity Blade Dungeons for the New Apple iPad: HD Gameplay (video preview)

The new Apple iPad includes a ton more firepower for gamers.

With more firepower igniting the new Apple iPad’s massive HD retina graphics display, more memory to help run all of your favorite apps and real 4G connectivity for a change to download them faster, gamers will be psyched. And Epic Games says it’s releasing Infinity Blade Dungeons later this year. Check out the preview.

If you’ve been stuck on Angry Birds on the Apple iPad, it’s time to wake up to all things awesome. Epic Games and its internal community partner Chair Entertainment originally brought Infinity Blade series for Apple iOS. That allows players to dip their toes into the realm of role-playing games (RPG) on the Apple iPad tablet. The Infinity Blade series is a classic good versus evil story, chock full of awesome fantasy lore and provides a swipe-and-slash combat style that only improved with time.

The current Infinity Blade 2 installment is the flagship of the brand and it received an all-important upgrade this week — just in time for the new iPad release. It promises major graphic upgrades to take advantage of the upgraded graphics display.

These games are available now on the Apple App Store. Well worth a visit in preparation for Dungeons later this year.

Infinity Blade Dungeons is the prologue to the game’s universe and takes place thousands of years prior to Infinity Blade 1 and Infinity Blade 2. Dungeons takes players on a journey back to the beginning of the Infinity Blade universe where the Infinity Blade itself is brought into existence.  Playing as an apprentice weaponsmith under the guidance of the infamous “Master of the Forge,” players will experience an all new Infinity Blade style of play in comparison to the first two games in the series. Besides an upgrade in graphics quality and gaming engine (powered by the latest offering of the Unreal Engine), players will now be able to take control of their apprentice directly, move the character around, and view combat via a dynamic camera system.

The preview Epic Games gave during the new Apple iPad launch event shows just how big a deal gaming will be on the new Apple iPad, what with its new Retina display and quad-core GPU capabilities. The proof will be in the reviewing at its release, but it’s clear Epic Games is aiming to take tablet-based gaming to a new level. It’s innovating better in-game combat, game play camera action and the player interface. In the new release, players won’t be static anymore — they’re be moving more dynamically — and at least according to the preview, they’ll be free to craft powers or abilities while planning combat tactics.

Stick with us here at for all the latest and greatest on this forthcoming title. And watch for my review.

For, I’m Christopher Poirier.

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