Pi Day: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pi (infographic)

Written by Gina Smith

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pi right here. Well, not everything. A ton of links to Pi songs, videos, trivia, too. Update Pi Day 2014: Bet you didn’t know that someone wrote a way to remember the digits in pi to the 1971 hit, “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” to go “Bye, Bye, three-point-one-four-one-five.” Tons of links to our years of pi day coverage here and elsewhere on the site. Pi Day 2013 (updated)

aNewDomain.net —  Happy Pi Day 2014. It’s soon that time again. On March 3.14 and at 1:59 PDT they will be partying here in San Francisco and at geek fests around the world to celebrate the glorious number. Check out the pi infographic, below, to bone up on this nutty irrational number. Find more details on pi, plus crazy videos and lots more on the irrational number festivities right here. Updated March 2014.

And below, courtesy Full Dorm

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