This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte: MWC 2012, Facebook Privacy and the Fifth Amendment

This week,’s John C. Dvorak and Gina Smith join Jason Hiner, Dan Patterson and, of course, Leo, on This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte. Find this show and lots of other great shows from TWiT at

This week,’s John C. Dvorak and I guest host with Jason Hiner and Dan Patterson on this edition of This Week in Tech (TWiT) with Leo Laporte.

Always nice to be on the air with Leo. We co-hosted On Computers with Leo Laporte and Gina Smith back in the 1990s. Thanks, Leo! It was worth the rush up there this a.m.

This week, we’re talking privacy, data aggregation, a recent US Federal court decision to protect encrypted data via constitutional law, Mobile World Congress 2012, Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview and more.

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We cover:
Facebook Reads Users’ Text Messages
Court Rules Against Forced File Decryption
Sprint board rejects $8b MetroPCS acquisition
AT&T Customer Wins $850 in Data-Throttling Case
Google to Oust Motorola Mobility Chief
Flickr disables Pinterest pins on all copyrighted images

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Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Based in San Francisco, Gina Smith is a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning journalist online, in print, radio and national TV. A former tech correspondent for ABC News, Gina founded aNewDomain with John C. Dvorak and Dr. Jerry Pournelle. Email Gina at and follow her @ginasmith888 and on Google+ through her page at +Gina Smith.