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Mobile Malware: Growth Stuns, Storms and Threatens

Most people are clueless about the prevalence among global Android malware. Or mobile malware in general. As Jim Morrison of The Doors famously said in his written poetry, “Wake up!” Scroll down to hear it. Image Credit: NQ Fully 28 percent of mobile users report infections, malware and so-called legit adware and spyware. Are you […]

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TWiT with Leo Laporte: John C. Dvorak, Wil Harris and Jolie O’Dell

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Wil Harris, John C. Dvorak, and Jolie O’Dell. April trolling, Google privacy unification, RIM give away, anti-poaching agreements, manufacturing density, Facebook IPO, crony capitalism, cool and creepy, future loved ones, Twitter takedowns, ACTA, the black internet, and more.

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