Buffer Overflow Show Episode 9: Being in a Band is Expensive


“This is the reason why I do have sympathy for the people who want to protect their rights, I just don’t have sympathy for the way that their trying to do it.”

Welcome to the ninth episode of Mat and Joey’s Buffer Overflow Show. It took nine episodes to do it, but we’ve finally done it. We have managed to get someone on the show we are big fans of. Mission accomplished. Join us as we talk with Jono Bacon from the open source band Severed Fifth. We converse all about music consumption, creating creative content, and Justin Bieber. No, really! This is a fantastic conversation, you won’t want to miss. Keep on reading for the notes!

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Buffer Overflow Show Logo

It is our great pleasure to welcome the front man for Severed Fifth, the Ubuntu Community Manager for Canonical, author of the book The Art of Community, and founder / organizer of the annual Community Leadership Summit, Jono Bacon! He also used to host a podcast. You should follow him on Twitter here, but chances are you already are. In that case, follow Mat and Joey on Twitter.

The more things you have in common with your community, the more they care what you say and what you’re doing.

We’re not going to be successful as a band if we only target the Linux crowd. We must target EVERYONE!

We can all agree that Jon Stewart is a bad ass. The daily show is based upon making fun of Fox News. We love it.

You shouldn’t pirate content if you can help it. SOPA and PIPA are not the answer, but if you really think it’s a problem…

The automatic piano is going to put pianists out of business. Do you remember when most places were occupied with pianists?

There is a cultural change happening, and some of us are having a hard time adjusting. Kodak anyone? Some people would rather go down with their ship than change their business model.

How many RIAA  and MPAA horror stories are true? How many have become urban legend? Urban legends are creating daily online.

How do you let people use your creative works? Creative Commons!

Severed Fifth is having their album release party February 3rd in San Francisco. Click here for details and here to get a ticket.

Where were you when you first heard of Severed Fifth. It’s Creative Commons, I can remix this! That’s the reason we do this.

A lot of people talk a lot of smack about Richard Stallman, but the man was a genius. The grandfather of open source, or so Joey tells me.

Do you need a massive pre-existing audience to “make it” on the internet? You can make it yourself, but if no one ever sees it because you are a nobody, then does it matter? If you are making stuff because you like making stuff, then that’s all that matters.

The purest and truest form of free software that’s available is software that everyone can use.

How long can an open source band sustain it’s existence? Who will be the first mainstream artist to do it?

The reason I’m doing Severed Fifth is not because I want to be rich, because I know that’s not going to happen. Let’s be realistic. You really thought you were going to get rich podcasting? Dare to be different.

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