Meet Podcast Host: Mat Lee

Based in Kalispell, MT, Mat Lee loves Android in a way only someone within Google probably could.  And we’ve never met a young podcaster with this much raw talent. Another teamBYTE vet, Mat Lee held down aNewDomain’s IT launch squad on 11/11/11 and continues to host an array of podcasts for us and our partner site, He even hosted this site on his own servers until our recent move to a commercial service.

His show,  Attack of the Androids, features a whole crew of aNewDomain and Groovy staffers, including but not limited to Eric Finkenbiner, Joey Kelley, Seth Heringer and Jeremy Lesniak.

Email Mat at and follow him on Google+, where he is +Mat Lee.

  • Gina Smith

    Congratulations to you, Mat, and particularly to your AOTA and BOS teams, and folks at

  • Mat Lee

    Thank you so much, it’s been a fun ride! Can’t wait to see where else it takes us.

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