Apple iTextbooks, MegaUpload: Ranting Roundup by Eric Mack

Apple’s iTextbooks have me all fired up, while it seems like Kodak and just need to do more firing of folks to avoid their current woes. Check it all out in my first ranting roundup of tech news following the extended CES hiatus.

  • Robert Bigelow

    Apple eBooks and Kindle editions help towards resolving an ongoing issue with textbook prices: new editions for which only a small part of the text is revised or the publisher adds an optical disk to the edition and the price seemly skyrockets.

  • Ant Pruitt

    was it iTunes U where the EULA states if a book is created by a user, it is limited to distribution in the Apple App Store ecosystem?

    Basically, “use our tools”, “sell in our ecosystem”, “pay us a %age.”

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