Apple Designer Jonathan Ive: UK Grants Him Knighthood

You can call him Jon or you can call him Jonny — but now you’d better add a Sir to that.

The UK is granting knighthood to legendary Apple designer Jonny Ive, making him Sir Jonny Ive. As the BBC explains, the official title is Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE).

Wish Steve Jobs could have lived to see this. Then again, those of us reporters who knew and frequently interviewed the late Apple CEO know he would be highly unlikely to call an employee Sir — great or not, knight or not. Part of his charm.

Ive has been granted knighthood in the UK as part of its New Year Honors List. Ive — a UK native — said the honor is “absolutely thrilling.”

Don’t know much about Sir Ive? Check this video out to see him wax eloquently, as a knight should, on Apple design.

Sir Jonathan

Photo Credit: Apple

  • Brent

    Are you friggin’ kidding me?? This is the same guy who said Jobs stole from him and now he’s getting knighted??? Just goes to show how far the UK monarchy has fallen. I’ll bet you that in a few years I’ll be able to send a “Sir” christmas gift just like having a star named after me.

    Pathetic. Oh and by the way, Dieter Rams created simplistic UI’s well before Johnny shit his first diaper. The fact that this asshole has been revered in the wake of Steve Jobs passing only proves to me that APPL is on the same track as RIM at its height. (RIM 18% of market share as of this writing)

    Riddle me this Mr. Ive: Don’t tell me about how big your dick is, tell me about “what’s next”? (something your deceased boss had an amazing penchant for).

  • Gina Smith

    Steve Jobs and Sir Ive had a complex relationship …

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