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Flight-Assembled Architecture: John C. Dvorak X3 Video of the Week

You might’ve seen those wild multi-blade drone copters assembling a foam building here on aNewDomain recently. John C. Dvorak, as usual, takes the idea a step further. On today’s X3, the gang’s video of the week is all about flight-assembled architecture. Don’t miss it. X3 with John C. Dvorak, right here at aNewDomain.

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Sinclair ZX81 keyboard closeup.

Jurassic Tech: The Sinclair ZX81

Weighing in at just 12 ounces, the Sinclair ZX81kit came out in 1981, just months before IBM released its original PC 5150. It was much smaller than the Mac Mini Apple released in 2005. And at about $100, it was quite the deal. So put on some Journey (or The Clash, your choice) and take […]

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