YouTube Analytics: Available Today,Talking Babies and All

Google announced its YouTube Analytics tool today, available immediately. In its announcement, it placed special emphasis on this viral YouTube video — the Talking Twin Babies, viewed 10 million times in the US and 20 million outside US. YouTube Analytics immediately replaces the YouTube Insight service many video sites rely on to analyze traffic. Google promises YouTube Analytics will be a big step up from Insights in terms of report detail and so on. We’ll see! gs.

On a blog post, Google YouTube today announced its YouTube analytics, an audience tracking service analagous to what sites like this one often employ to watch our traffic and demographics.

Obviously in a lighthearted mood, the YouTube blogger highlighted the viral video below — that of the Talking Twin babies — as an example of how “video can transcend language and cultural barriers.” Video producers need deeper reports of who’s watching which videos, even the silly ones. I couldn’t agree more.

Find more on the new Google YouTube Analytics service, available today, here.

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Gina Smith

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