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Apple Siri: ACLU Says Siri Avoids Abortion Questions

Ask Siri for drugs, liquor or hookers, and you’ll get a funny if not danged near accurate answer. It’s uncanny. Ask the Apple iOS 5 voice recognition (VR) assistant where the nearest abortion clinic is and Siri, says the ACLU, draws a blank. Or sends you to a pregnancy crisis center. I confirmed these results. Odd. […]

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YouTube Analytics: Available Today,Talking Babies and All

Google announced its YouTube Analytics tool today, available immediately. In its announcement, it placed special emphasis on this viral YouTube video — the Talking Twin Babies, viewed 10 million times in the US and 20 million outside US. YouTube Analytics immediately replaces the YouTube Insight service many video sites rely on to analyze traffic. Google […]

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HP Printer Fire Flap: Hackers Can’t Explode Printers, HP Says in a Statement

Hewlett-Packard has issued a statement in response to government-funded research findings from Columbia University, which has reported a flaw in HP printers that enables hackers to access them, attack the network they’re on, or even overheat printers until they explode. The statement derides the findings and upcoming report as “sensational.” The Columbia researchers told HP and […]

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