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Google+ Ripple: How it Works

First a music video from Google+ that explains the Ripple feature. Worth checking out. I wouldn't lead you astray. No marketing hoohah here. No VO or messaging — it's all graphics and music and screens. You'll totally get what Google is trying to achieve with Ripple — and what if anything you get out of […]

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Apple iOS 5: Battery Drain on Upgrade iPhone 3 Systems?

Until I get Apple on the horn on Monday, I wandered into Apple's support area for iOS 5. Looks like I am not the only iPhone 3G user with iOS5 and a dying battery. Plenty of folks complaining — with Apple comments in string about turning off location-based apps. I saw a report online somewhere […]

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Apple iOS: HauntedHouse is AND App of the Day

Pay apps have to be pretty special to get a recommendation from me. There's just too much great free stuff around — if you don't mind hunting. Or do I mean — HAUNTING. The location-based iOS app Haunted House costs $2.99, but if you're into Halloween, that's just a drop in the candy bucket.  HauntedHouse […]

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Everything: Freeware Freitag

Everything from voidTools is a lightweight utility that runs on Windows XP and higher. Just type in what you’re looking for, and Everything queries your entire hard drive. And it’s blazingly fast.

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