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(52) Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook

via I think the Google engineer who accidentally posted his rant ought to quit saying sorry. Enough! I mean, he had 2K followers, please. This is starting to feel promotional. Plus, who hasn't walked in those shoes? Things happen.

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TaxiMagic for Apple iOS and Android: AND App of the Day

By Todd Moore Here’s my app of the day pick. I use it constantly. It’s TaxiMagic. And if you’re ever stood around hailing a cab in the rain or duking it out with some aggressive typeA before the last cab retires, you know. For iOS, Android and BlackBerry, TaxiMagic lets you order your cab (via […]

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Flexible Smartphone & Tablet Displays the Future of Mobile

Nokia made the news last week at Nokia World 2011 – unveiling the affordable line of Asha feature phones, and the Lumina 710 and 800 smartphones running Windows phone 7.5.  But, things really got interesting when it showed a demo of the flexible user interface prototype. Watch part of the Nokia demo in this video […]

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Why Hasn’t Yahoo Been Acquired Yet?

Despite the alleged intentions of its board, as well as rumored interest from Google and Microsoft, among others, momentum for a potential acquisition of Yahoo has stalled. But why? via Jack Ma at Alibaba? Are you listening? gs

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Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

While Nokia teased us this week with a slightly flexible prototype device, Samsung steps up with an even more flexible screen the company says will grace the front of a smartphone or tablet by 2012. We saw one of these flexible AMOLED screens from Samsung at CES 2011, but the big news is this has […]

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Why Siri + Yelp = Useless Google Maps On The iPhone 4S

It sounds great. Speak into Siri about some local need, get nice results from Yelp’s reviews. In reality, it’s pretty easy instead to end up stuck with only a phone number and directions from Google Maps. via Danny Sullivan at digs into Siri and Yelp — and the issues. So far unresolved …

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